Metalgrade ready stick 3 pairs of sticks 0.72kg

  • Product Group: 101
  • Product number: 659227

General description

Two component putty for emergency repairs of leaking pipes.


  • Base and activator as two separate sticks
  • Does not produce any heat during curing
  • Comes with SDS, tech sheet and gloves


  • No possibility that product will unintentionally start curing
  • No sparks
  • No distortion of the base material
  • All accessories available

Technical data

Set weight

0.86 kg

Base and activator in two separate sticks. Cut off the needed length and knead the two
parts together till streak free. Use for sealing of leaks in pipes, tanks, ducts etc. Can be used together with Leak Stop to plug the hole before wrapping the tape. Set of 3 pairs of sticks giving: 0,72 kg Repair Compound

Ordering information

Ordering information

Supplied with:

All necessary application equipment, technical data sheets and health and safety data sheets

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