Metal grade hi - temp heat resistant compound

  • Product Group: 101
  • Product number: 663427

General description

A one part water based ceramic and stainless compound for high temperature applications


  • Can be used for most types of base materials except aluminium
  • Inorganic deposit
  • Workable deposit
  • Does not produce any heat during curing
  • Comes with SDS, tech sheet and gloves.


  • No need to consider what base material consists of
  • Temperature resistant up to 1093ºC dry heat
  • Deposit can be machined, drilled or grinded
  • No sparks
  • No distortion of the base material

Technical data

Set weight

0.42 kg

A ceramic and stainless-filled one part water based paste. It is temperature resistant up to 1093ºC (2000ºF). It is used to seal joints, defects, cracks and voids in cast iron, steel and stainless steel.

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