Ceramigrade liner base and activator 0.5L

  • Product Group: 102
  • Product number: 659276

General description

Two component cold curing ceramic repair fluid for repair of cavitations and erosion found in fluid flow environments


  • Can be used for most types of base materials
  • Ceramic bead filler
  • Product in fluid state
  • Do not produce any heat during curing
  • Comes with SDS, tech sheet, gloves and application tools


  • No need to consider what base material consist of
  • Superb for fluid flow environment
  • Can be applied using a brush
  • No sparks and spatter that can create a fire or explosion
  • No distortion of the base material
  • All accessories to do the job available

Technical data

Set weight

0.92 kg

A two component ceramic cold curing fluid that is used as a liner in order to prevent cavitation and erosion found in fluid flow environments. Base & Activator giving: 0,5 l Engineering Repair Fluid.

Ordering information

Ordering information

Supplied with:

All necessary application equipment technical data sheets and health & safety data sheets

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