• Product Group: 192
  • Product number: 404121

General description

The UPC-1041TP is ideal for cutting and gouging all current carrying materials. It is far superior compared to gas cutting with a much faster cutting speed and in addition it also allows you to cut materials as brass and copper alloys, stainless steel and Aluminium. It is a compact and lightweight machine that makes it easy to move around, and combined with the cutting capacity of up to 40mm steel plates makes it an ideal machine for even the bigger maintenance jobs


  • Lightweight, small and easy to operate

  • Spare part kit included with the machine

  • High duty cycle, 40°C 35% @ 100A 60% @ 80A 100% @ 60A

  • Robust cabinet with IP23S protection

  • Torch with safety trigger and safety circuit according to CE standard

  • No HF ignition system*

  • Cuts up to 40mm on Stainless and Mild steel and up to 30mm on Aluminum

  • Change nozzle and the UPC-1041TP can perform gouging

  • High quality self-draining pressure regulator

  • Overheat protection (70⁰c)

  • Low air pressure protection

  • Power switch with built in 32 A fuse

  • Over and under voltage protection (360-480V) and Phase detector, measuring that all 3 phases are supplying – Total Protection

  • Active fan control. Fan only run when need be

  • Filter cassette with filter on front air intake

  • Fixed torch connection on the front of the machine. EN 60974 standard state that a plasma torch connection should be made so that there is no risk for electrical shock and no possibility to remove the torch without a tool

  • Double coating of electric circuit cards

  • Built according to rules and regulations (CE/S)


  • Fast and easy access to all locations onboard

  • All you need of equipment and spares to get working. Good order and overview of spare/ consumable situation

  • High cutting and gouging capacity gives no work interruption

  • All necessary safety features to protect the operator

  • All necessary protection feature to protect the machine towards the working environment

  • TP (Total Protection) which monitors the input voltage and phases and protects the machine when the voltage is outside the limits or one phase is missing in the mains supply. If the TP LED is active when turning on the machine then check the input voltage and phases

  • No use of High Frequency disturbing radio communication onboard. The ignition system in UPC-1040/1041/1041TP is high voltage low frequency 5Hz so it will never be anywhere close to the Radio Frequency bandwidth

Technical data

Power supply

440 V *, 3~50/60 Hz

Mains fuse min

20 A slow blow

Maximum power

14,7 kVA

Process power

120 V, 20-100 A

Duty cycle

35% @ 100 A / 60% @ 80A / 100% @ 60A

Power factor


Open circuit voltage (OCV)

240 VDC

Protection class

IP 23S



Temperature class


Dimensions L x W x H




Maximum cutting capacity


Quality cut


Air pressure

5 Bar

Air flow PTA 120


Standard torch length



May be set for 400(380)V see user manual, higher fuse size is then required

Ordering information

Ordering information

Supplied with

Machine supply complete with 6m primary cable 3+G 4mm*

Torch with 6m cable package

Return clamp with 4m cable and Dix cable connector

Air regulator with filter and water separator on the machine

Replacement filter

Accessories kit with initial supply of torch spares & consumables containing:

3 Pcs Electrodes

1 Pcs Tool for electrodes

3 Pcs Nozzles 1 and 2

1 Pcs Spatter shield

1 Pcs Drag shield

1 Pcs Box for accessories kit

User manual

*)Plug for primary cable and air hose is not supplied as this will depend on the connections available onboard

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