Refrigerant sensor vent pipe IP66

  • Product Group: 607
  • Product number: 767053

General description

Refrigerant gas sensor for use in outlet pipes from safety valves. To monitor blow off or weeping from pressure relief valves. Normally teed off Vent pipes line to the exterior.


  • Working temperature range -40° C to +50° C (-40° F to +122° F)
  • IP 66 rated
  • Improved sensor housing
  • Improved sensor with filter to minimise false alarms from background gases
  • Improved sensor PCB design with incorporated test points
  • Simplified annual maintenance / testing procedures
  • Field adjustments to the sensor sensitivity can be carried out very easily. Sensitivity can be set as low as 100 ppm
  • Factory supply setting is 500 ppm for low level and 1,000 ppm for high level


  • Crew safety: safeguards crew members from long-term exposure to high levels of leaked refrigerant gas in enclosed spaces
  • Cost saving: helps reduce costs due to accidental loss of refrigerants from unmonitored leaks
  • Environmentally sound solution: reduces the risks of global warming and damaging the ozone layer by instantaneous warning of leaks
  • Class compliant: the leak detection system is compliant with LRS requirements for their EP notation and the DNV Clean notation


Product documentation

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Refrigerant-Leak-Monitor-prodsheet-2014-2.pdf PDF 933 KB

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