Fuel Oil Treatment Dosing Unit

  • Product Group: 663
  • Product number: 767924

General description

Fuel Oil Treatment Dosing Unit

The standard dosing unit consists of:

  • Electronic Metering Pump
  • Dosing Container
  • Adjustable Suction Assembly, with Float Switch
  • Dosing Tube
  • Injection Valve Assembly for Hot Systems, Complete with 1 Metre Stainless Steel Pipe. Max. operating temperature 200C.

Further Technical Data

Further Technical data

Pump type:

BT4B 1602PVT

Max rated pressure

16 Bar

Delivery at max back pressure

2,20 ltr/hr

Delivery at medium back pressure

2,50 ltr/hr

Connection size

6x4 mm

Average Power Consumption

11,2 W

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