Aquatuff 25 l

  • Product Group: 651
  • Product number: 607826

General description

Aquatuff is a heavy-duty water based alkaline cleaner. It has numerous cleaning applications including removal of greases, waxes, vegetable and animal oils, sludge, soot, carbon deposits, dirt and grime. Aquatuff is also used for cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke.


  • Heavy duty water based cleaner
  • Does not contain nonylphenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds
  • Biodegradable
  • Free from hydrocarbon solvents
  • Removal of soot deposits from inert gas systems
  • Aquatuff is most suitable for removal of wax deposits
  • Numerous cleaning applications including removal of grease, vegetable and animal oil, soot and general dirt and grime
  • Ideal for cleaning after coal and pet coke
  • Effective and economical in use
  • Completely safe on epoxy coatings
  • Approved by Marinfloc AB for use in engine rooms

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Ordering information

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