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  • Product number: 778866

General description

The new Unitor™ Handymax Kit™ has been developed in order to facilitate cargo changeover on board small to medium bulk carriers fast and efficient.


  • Simple to use - the 3.6 m lance applies foaming chemicals from the tank top
  • Supplied with 1" Stainless Steel double diaphragm pump
  • Ready for use - all hoses and equipment are fitted with quick connectors and couplings
  • Designed for Handysized bulk carriers
  • Supplied with Personal Safety Equipment for one user.


  • Fast and efficient cleaning solution reduces turnaround time in port
  • Simplicity through simple to assembly and clear instructions
  • Safe in use and no need for cranes
  • Complete ready to use package

The kit consists of all necessary equipment needed for a complete cleaning operation. The kit is supplied ready to use in a shock proof plastic container which can be easily transported between vessels. The equipment has been designed for application of both cleaning chemicals and temporary coatings as well as rinsing and wash down.

The Unitor™ Handymax Kit™ is not equiped with a Unitor™ Tornado 3™ gun for clean down and we do recommend a high pressure cleaner in addition.

* Note! The new Unitor™ Handymax Kit™ may only be available in limited ports and the replaced Unitor™ Handymax Kit™ may only be available*

* Note! The Unitor™ Handymax Kit™ is supplied with one bottle of eyewash. This bottle has a expiry date. The Unitor™ Handymax Kit™ has therefore a expiry date as well. Note that this expiry date is only valid for the eyewash, not the kit. *

Ordering information

Ordering information

Supplied with:

  • Double diaphragm pump 1050
  • Handymax Lance 3.6 m with 3 nozzles
  • Medusa air distributor
  • 5 m, 1" suction hose
  • 40 m, 3/8” air hose with quick connectors
  • 10 m, 3/8” air hose with quick connectors
  • 50 m, 3/4” chemical hose with quick connectors
  • 600 L plastic container of 100 % recycled plastic (Nordic Ecolabel)

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