DieselPower™ Enhancer 25 ltr

  • Product Group: 650
  • Product number: 777190

General description

Unitor™ DieselPower™ Enhancer is a multifunctional distillate fuel oil additive.


  • Improves fuel lubricity
  • Reduces wear of fuel pumps and fuel injection equipment
  • Proven by independent tests – HFRR and Bosch
  • Maintains long term storage and thermal stability of marine distillate fuels
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Protects against fuel injection fouling and fuel filter plugging

Unitor DieselPower Enhancer is used to improve lubricity, as well as help maintain colour and stability to control the formation of organic sludge and to inhibit corrosion.

Unitor DieselPower Enhancer also disperses accumulated deposits, and reduces filter clogging, injector sticking, and corrosion of bunkers and fuel lines.

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Ordering Information

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