Life Saving

The safety business in Wilhelmsen has been transferred to Survitec Group.

On 30 November 2016, the safety systems, products and services in Wilhelmsen Ships Service and Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions became part of Survitec Group.

For the time being you can find safety product details here in the Wilhelmsen Ships Service product catalogue. The information will be transferred to the Survitec Group webpage in January 2017.

The only rule in maritime regulations is constant change which is why we manage tomorrow’s challenges today to keep you safely ahead. Safety is a constant vigil to ensure seafarers' lives are protected, safe and in the event of an incident, rescued.

Our range of lifesaving appliances is built on quality of product, unrivalled global service support and product performance. This gives our customers the confidence they have a consistent quality supplier of safety equipment no matter when or where they are in the world. Cost of ownership is all important so all the products we offer are supported by our global Network of service stations to support your choice of WSS as a partner to manage, monitor and maintain your safety equipment.

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