Oil spill Sorbent kit 1100lt 7 Barrel

  • Product Group: 941
  • Product number: 604314

General description

The Unitor 7 barrel sorbent kit contains sufficient sorbent materials to handle a spill of approximately 7 barrels of oil (1100 litres). The kit contains various sorbents to tackle differing spills on your vessel. Also included are special absorbing pads so you can clean up chemical spills.


  • Flexible oil spill cleaning


  • Whether you require booms, pads, sweeps or pillows our kit will cover most oil spills
  • Stored in a waterproof box enabling you to store it where required

Ordering information

Ordering information

Supplied with:

2 Unitor 1/2 barrel mini kit containing1 set sorbent pads U94200 - 1 sorbent pillow U9410P

1 sorbent pillow U9440P

1 set sorbent pads U94200U

1 sorbent sweeo UP941800

1 sorbent boom UP94410S

1 set sorbent pads U94200

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