Unitor Ultrasonic Cleaner S-1600/HM, 230 V

  • Product Group: 664
  • Product number: 766907

General description

Unitor™ Ultrasonic™ cleaning machines are specially designed for use in the engine room on board to remove even the most stubborn dirt, cleaning inside areas that are out of reach for conventional cleaning methods.


  • Sweep function - Using the sweep function means that a more homogenous sounding of the bath is achieved which results in improved cleaning performance through out the bath
  • Low water level sensor prevent dry run
  • Front mounted panel for electronics, enabling efficient servicing of electronics in the machine
  • Efficient and fast heating


  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Cleans inside filters and fuel nozzles
  • Logical operation panel
  • Pulse function for increased cleaning power during operation
  • Included shock absorbers for mounting on stand reduces vibrations


Technical data

Technical data

Tank working volume

100 L

Average overall power

3050 W

Ultrasonic peak perf Max

1600 W


2200 W, temperature adjustable 30-80º C

max capacity

156 ltr


78 kg

External measurements

740mm(L), 730mm(W), 830mm(H)*

Basket measurements

585mm(L), 410mm(W), 240mm(H)


2200W, temperature adjustable 30-80 degree C

Effective utrasonic power


Ultrasonic peak perf. Max



1-30minutes, infinity

Protection class

IP 23

Basket max loading (ca kg)

50 kg

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, use of Ultrasonic cleaning units results in reduced manual work, reduced consumption of hazardous chemicals and improved cleaning performance without damaging the items to be cleaned.

Use of an Unitor™ Ultrasonic™ machine combined with suitable detergent makes it particularly effective for cleaning complex machine parts like injection nozzles, fuel and pump parts, inlet and exhaust valves, etc. The unit is well suited for cleaning of fine mesh fuel and lube oil filters which can be cleaned without damaging the fine filter elements.

New ECA regulations increase pressure on optimal performance. Cleaning of cleaning filters and fuel nozzles are required andUnitor Ultrasonic will enable such cleaning combined with Unitors fuel oil chemicals.

Unitor™ Ultrasonic™ cleans all surfaces which are covered with water. As a consequence it cleans in areas where no other cleaning technology can reach

Ordering information

Ordering information

Supplied with:

  • Bottom drain
  • Lid
  • Basket
  • Stainless steel frame for secure fastening to the floor

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