UNITOR HPC 67/1 3x400/50Hz

  • Product Group: 430
  • Product number: 777888

General description

The new Unitor™ HPC 67/1 is a heavy duty cold water high pressure washer that combine renowned lifetime and quality. Optimal ergonomics and mobility offer an innovative partner for applications onboard all vessel types.


  • High mobility and ergonomic design
  • 4 full ceramic piston pump – ensures long unit life
  • Up to 85º C inlet water
  • Two tank chemical dosing


  • Effectively removes intense dirt
  • Reduces cleaning time - cleanes faster
  • Reduces water consumption compared to conventional cleaning
  • Designed for intense applications up to 8 hours continuous operation

Technical data

Water pressure

195 bar

Water flow

1280 l/h

Max inlet water temp

85 C

Cleaning impact

6,7 kg


775x570x1020 mm



Rotation speed

1450 rpm



Power, Rated


IP protection


Water inlet connection

3/4" connical



Cable length


Suction heigth

1 m (dry)

The Unitor™ HPC 67/1 is equipped with the 4 ceramic pistons pump, double roller bearings, flow activated unloader system and 1750 rpm motor for high intensity use with maximum performance and comfort. Capable of accepting 85°C inlet water, the Unitor™ HPC 67/1 can be used as an effective hot water cleaner. At 85°C degreasing can be performed without usage of chemicals. The new chemical system allows two different chemicals. If higher volume is needed the suction hose in the tank can be place in a larger canister.

The unit is equipped with additional motor protection for supurb marine operational safety.

The Unitor™ HPC 67/1 gives you high cleaning efficiency combined with reduced downtime and increased lifetime. Unitor™ HPC 67/1 comes with a castor wheel with brake for high mobility and safety.

Ordering information

Supplied with:

Supplied with:

  • Tornado lance
  • Spray handle ERGO 2000
  • Quick coupling
  • 10 m HP hose
  • 8 m electric cable (without socket).
  • Conical water inlet coupling with a 3/4" hose socket

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