Chemical Cleaning Unit

  • Product Group: 664
  • Product number: 737189

General description

The Circulation Cleaning Unit is a portable integral unit comprising mixing tank with lid, airdriven Graco Double Diaphragm 1050 stainless steel pump (product number 777991), hoses, heating element and thermostat (without contactor) and connections. The Pump is installed inside a protective powder coated frame.


  • Stainless steel pump
  • Epoxy coated steel drum
  • Heavy duty equipment


  • Ideal for CIP (Cleaning in place)
  • Effective and efficient cleaning
  • Long lasting equipment

Technical data

Drum size

210 ltr

Hose length

9 m

Hose dim


Inlet connector

1" (m)

Outlet connector

1" (m)

Designed for use with acid and caustic based products for descaling boilers, calorifiers, heat exchangers and other types of equipment where rust and scale form. It is also ideally suited for degreasing or decarbonising contaminated systems. The unit is supplied with a 210 litre steel drum with expoxy coated interior.

The Chemical Cleaning Unit can be used in conjunction with the following Unitor chemicals:

  • Descalex
  • Descaling Liquid
  • Disclean
  • Metal Brite H.D.
  • Seaclean
  • Coldwash HD
  • Enviroclean
  • Aquabreak PX
  • Carbonclean LT
  • ACC Plus
  • Air Cooler Cleaner
  • Carbon Remover
  • Aquatuff
  • Seaclean Plus
  • Commissioning Cleaner
  • Ultra CIP

Directions for use


Product Number

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