Jet spray unit 10 l stainless steel

  • Product Group: 664
  • Product number: 572123

General description

The Jet Spray Unit is ideal for applying Unitor Electrosolvents, Degreasers, and cleaning chemicals. Supplied complete with Instantaneous Control Lance, Cone Spray Nozzle, Charge Pump, Pressure Gauge and Relief Valve (set to operate at 6 bar).


  • Durable stainless steel design
  • 10 L tank with carrying strap
  • Spray gun and flexible hose


  • Ergonomic application of chemicals
  • Safe to operate
  • Fast to pressurize
  • Easy to apply pre-mixed dilution

Directions for use

Directions for use

To assemble
Fit lance tube to trigger control valve and connect hose to outlet of the container, ensuring that all washers are in place. Test machine with water to ensure that it is in correct working order.

To operate
Remove complete pump by pressing down on handle, engaging lugs and unscrewing. Pour in up to, but not more than, 10 litres of spray liquid.

Replace pump; screw home firmly onto rubber sealing ring. Charge with air until pointer of Pressure Gauge reaches the red line (6 bar). Lower pressures can be used if desired. The Sprayer is now ready for use.

To empty
Before removal of the pump from container, push the pressure release valve to reveal the pressure in the unit.

THIS UNIT MUST BE THOROUGHLY WASHED OUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE with fresh water, shaking the unit well and spraying the water out. Remove nozzle to save time. Also rinse nozzle in fresh water.

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